• Toi Lyn Parker

5 Beauty Commandments We Swear By

Thou Shalt…

…Wash your face morning and night!

Even if you have sensitive skin or dry skin, your skin can benefit from a nice cleanse at the beginning and the end of the day. Have you ever worn sunglasses that didn’t get smudged with fingerprints or wet, but still ended up looking messy by the end of the afternoon? The stuff sticking to your glasses are the same environmental debris that can stick to your skin! Using a gentle, daily cleanser will help keep your skin clear of debris and excess oil so it can be the best foundation for the rest of your routine possible.

…Exfoliate your skin, gently!

Using a facial scrub or exfoliating toner a 2-3 times a week is a great way to make sure your skin stays clear and radiant. A gentle exfoliant, labeled for everyday use, is a great place to start. The instinct when you use a scrub is to polish your skin until it is red, but you don’t need to do that. Simply massaging a gentle facial scrub on your skin for 30 seconds at the end of the day is relaxing, and will keep your skin fresh. If you’re prone to breakouts, find a gentle, exfoliating toner to use instead of a scrub, so you don’t move the bacteria around into new breakouts!

…Use moisturizer for both face and body!

In photographs, dry skin can look dull or ashy. Even oily faces benefit from a light moisturizer! Moisturizing skin after a shower can help hold hydration and moisture to it, and keep your skin looking healthy. When you shower, keep some light body lotion on the counter to put on right after you towel off. It only takes a couple of minutes, but your skin will love you for the extra attention. For your face, if you’re oily, look for an oil-free or gel moisturizer. It may even help slow your skin’s oil production!

…Moisturize your lips!

Did you know that lips and your eyes have the thinnest skin on your body? They will show dehydration and dryness before any other part of your skin! Using a gentle lip balm can help counteract moisture loss and keep your lips looking and feeling smooth. Look for balms that have vitamin E, aloe, and other moisturizers like shea or cocoa butter, to help keep lips smooth and protected.

…Not pick at your acne!

Don’t do it! We all want to. Trust me. That pimple that popped up overnight? The blackhead on the side of your nose? Picking at them may bring you a moment of relief, but it runs the risk of spreading bacteria both on the surface of skin and below. For an active, red pimple that shows up the day before an event or photoshoot, you aren’t powerless: ice it! Icing it will slow the growth, and actually exfoliate it gently with the cold. It will also help take the redness down for the next day.


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