“I was absolutely ecstatic with my experience and the pictures from Lyn Parker; they came out so beautiful. My time with her was wonderful, she made me feel comfortable and confident”​

— Darrilyn, Tween

Tween + Senior Portraits

Our customized sessions are everything Lyn Parker Photography stands for! 

It is a 4 phase confidence boosting experience that empowers your girl and helps her see her beauty, while feeling like a celebrity for the day. 

“Every women should be empowering girls to be strong and confident ”​

— Lyn Parker's Worldview


This is the day we have planned for!


will create some beautiful and fashion forward styled images that will express your girl at this age.

I will help her personality shine. Whether she’s a super glam star or a sporty or a little boss. Every time you see your artwork, you will be brought back to that moment of her life.

Lyn is an amazing photographer who is not afraid to go into the woods and get on the ground to get amazing pics of the girls! She even got my baby in a magazine”​

— Laurie, #GirlMom

About Lyn Parker



them show their daughters their beauty and increase their confidence.

Hi, I’m Toi Lyn

I work with #GirlMoms who want to raise confident girls. I use photography to help

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